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Please read our Community Rules before requesting/joining.

Thank you!


MEMBERS: Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to get more members to join [info]ohana_icons!

You must be a member to participate! You may join any time before the contest ends and still be eligible for prizes.

First place is awarded to the member who brings in the most referrals over twenty.

Rules and Regulations and 'RithmeticsCollapse )

Comment with any questions.  You have until the clock counts down to zero. Thank You and Good Luck!!

*Userpic add-on applies to paid accounts only. If you have a free account you will be awarded a LiveJournal gift certificate of $5.00.


Welcome to elrond_lover!

Welcome to our newest maker, pattyp53!  I know you will be a valuable addition to our community!

OI: Cherry Blossom Branch

To kick off this new community, I'm offering this icon to the first ten people to comment (you don't have to be a member) plus my loved list.

Subject Line: Cherry Blossom
Username: Y/N

♥Credit is love.
♥Please do not hotlink.

Maker Application

Are you interested in joining my fledgling community? I would love to have your talent as a part of ohana_icons. Please fill out the application below and use the subject line Maker Application. Comments will be screened.

As a maker you have unmoderated posting access. You can post offers whenever you'd like; however I do ask you participate somewhat regularly. Feel free to comment with any questions.

Thank you!


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